I am a small select kennel breeding my Starexpress Bolognese for quality or when I want a puppy for the ring for exhibiting and breeding.

I am a member of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme which recognises good practices in dog breeding. My lines have been very carefully selected and I am delighted to have produced many lovely litters of healthy Starexpress puppies. They have all been reared in the family home from excellent lines.

My home bred Starexpress Italian Skies – Missy won Res Best of Breed, Best Bitch & Best Puppy at Crufts 2013. Missy has continued with her successes and won two Best In Shows at the Bolognese Club Shows in 2014. My Bolognese Total of Best In Shows is now 5. Best in Show many group placings and at Ch level Best Bitches and Best of Breeds 2016. At the General All Breed Championship Shows she has now won 30 Best Bitches and 20 Best Of Breeds.

In 1998 I won Best Of Breed and the Toy Group at Crufts with Teddy, my first Maltese.

In 2015 I had the honour to Judge a record entry of Bolognese at Crufts, both from the UK and Europe.

Later in the same month I also Judged the Coton De Tulears at the United Kingdom Toy Dog Championship Show.

In 2016 I Judged a quality entry of Maltese at U.K Toy Dog Championship Show.

The Bolognese is a stocky, squarely built, long curly-coated dog known primarily for its small size, friendly temperament and fluffy white coat.                                                                                                                          This dog, which is named after the central Italian city go Bologna, is classified as a toy companion breed. The playful and laid back Bolognese with the long fluffy coat is an intelligent dog that really loves being with their humans.                                                                                                                                                                  They will bond very closely and follow you everywhere and love nothing more than to sit on your lap so that you can lavish them with attention.

The Bolognese will be a friendly, loyal dog that will excel at obedience training or any other activity their guardian has the time to teach.